“We are Ripplty and we believe in a more creative and beautiful world inspired by a timeless quest towards the deep why, where everyone feels a part of something greater than themselves and has a deeper sense of meaning in life.”

Matt Gwyther, Neal Taylor and Jeremy Vey, founders of Ripplty.
Integrating the true, the good and the beautiful.


Despite living in a globalised civilisation where technology gives us almost god-like powers, the rise of individualism and materialism as dominant values in society, coupled with the increasing pace, complexity and fragility of modern life are disconnecting us from the natural world, from each other, and from our inner selves, threatening the environment, our communities and our mental health.

We’re in a pivotal era of human history where we’re navigating complex challenges that is the metacrisis. Our societal progression has led to unforeseen impacts on life’s richness, illuminating areas where adjustment is needed.

Today, we’re contending with urgent matters for our planet’s health ; the economic instability and social inequality is leading the world to a new rise in poverty, antagonism, and deterioration in public health ; technological advances are left unchecked by the scrutiny of wisdom and are disrupting deeply human cultural values and life on earth ; the ecology of information and educational system are becoming unfit in helping people see into what’s more real with consciousness and rationality.

We need to address the societal divisions and geopolitical tensions while striving for a fair management of the commons with a wiser access to resources, education, and opportunities.

These issues underscore the importance of our relationships with each other and our world, prompting us towards a collective opportunity to evolve and create a more inclusive, sustainable, and future thinking society. Overcoming these challenges requires collective efforts, creativity, and a commitment to creating a more good, true, and beautiful future.

And at Ripplty, we want to help with that!

Our stand

In 2020, compelled by a shared feeling and urge to act, we came together to explore and understand what moved us. Since then, we have embarked on a soulful mission that has motivated us to serve the realisation of a more beautiful and creative world for people, nature, and future generations.

Ripplty is a tentative response to the current historical problems humanity is facing that are rooted in the perennial struggles of life. It aims to tackle the issues that make our world ugly and lifeless by inviting people to join in the realisation of something greater than themselves and develop a deep sense of meaning in their lives.

Move the world one ripple at a time

Ripplty is a movement that encourages all people to engage in sense making, gain a shared understanding of reality, reconnect with what matters in life, and collaboratively realise creative solutions that can shape a more desirable future.

To be a part of Ripplty’s movement just “Be” by following Ripplty’s Calling in your everyday life, creating ripples that we believe can move the world toward what’s more true, good, and beautiful.

Values & Principles

To make ripples, we found that following the Calling isn’t sufficient in it’s own, precisely because the world is complex and requires nuances to be able to navigate it.

That’s why we discovered through hours of readings, listening, viewing, experiencing, dialoguing, we found these Values and Principles being essentials to guide how we relate to the world and how we see it.

Follow the way, and learn more about Ripplty’s Values & Principles.


What should guide your behaviours

  • Consciously connecting with others to increase our potential for good
  • Haphazardly disrupting paradigms in order to break through them
  • Gloriously provoking ideas in a safe and creative space
  • Absurdly playing with serious ideas for a purpose
  • Coincidentally experimenting to explore and create new possibles
  • Intentionally lifting one-an-other through the moments we create
  • Collectively transcending to strive for a more desirable future


What should guide your mindset

  • Ask the hard questions
  • Maintain the circle of safety
  • Relax the boundaries
  • Make it new
  • Turn up
  • Go f*ck your ‘self’

How is creating ripples looking like in your everyday life?

Meaningful connections

  • Spend time with people of goodwill to widen your worldview
  • Engage in thoughtful conversations and collective understanding
  • Participate in shared activities and collaborate with other talents

Meaningful moments

  • Share moments with special people to hold the deep time together
  • Go in special places to regain a sense of connection with nature
  • Practice special rituals to grow and mature as an individual

Meaningful contributions

  • Take the time to add to the good, the true and the beautiful in life
  • Be more thoughtful and specific in the creative process
  • Make it more connected, whole, relevant, creative and useful

Let’s connect!

If you are interested in knowing more, or you would like to collaborate on a project, or have podcast conversation, or just want to say hi, then have a look at our bio and write to us!