A Ripplty origin story

With the objective of simply doing great work, a ripple effect occurs. A bar is set for everything you do, which may not only lift your work to new heights, but raise the vibration of your entire life. It may even inspire others to do their best work. Greatness begets greatness. It’s infectious.

The Creative Act: A way of Being, Rick Rubin

Where Ripplty comes from

In 2020, we – Matt, Jeremy, and Neal – initiated a call, engaging in a discussion where we shared our respective thoughts. Each of us took turns sharing our individual projects and endeavours. Recognising our shared interests and complementary areas of expertise, we also acknowledged a collective sense of dissatisfaction with our current circumstances. This shared sentiment propelled us towards a mutual desire to take action and effect change.

First comes the feeling, then you figure it out.

Robert Piersig

Understanding that addressing our situation, as well as our immediate communities, necessitated certain elements, we identified three key components:

  1. We needed to grasp the underlying motivation that drove us, which we referred to as the “deep why.”
  2. We required guiding principles and values to sustain our collaborative efforts and overcome challenges over an extended period.
  3. We sought ceremonies that would facilitate exploration, sharing, consolidation, synthesis, celebration, or relaxation of boundaries.

As we progressed, we delved deeper into the initial feeling, comparing ourselves to archaeologists unearthing a significant but elusive discovery within our own beings. Although we hadn’t yet fully comprehended its nature or meaning, we sensed its relevance.

Continuing our journey, we encountered various clues that piqued our curiosity and enthusiasm, leading us towards further knowledge, understanding, and additional clues. Each new revelation heightened our excitement and the significance we attributed to our quest. It gradually revealed itself as a meaningful pursuit.

It was just a clue, but I took it.

Carl Gustav Jung

By taking a step back and joyfully connecting the dots, we discerned a common theme that shimmered like a celestial constellation when we looked around us. We realized that beauty and creativity held the key to our search for deeper meaning in life. Wholeheartedly embracing this revelation, we embarked on a timeless quest, unapologetically pledging to this timeless quest towards the “deep why”, seeking a deeper sense of meaning in life.

With humility, we acknowledged our shared purpose to aid our families and our communities by challenging and supporting one another in making the world a more beautiful and creative place.

Why we created Ripplty

Ripplty is a movement that encourages all people to engage in sense making, gain a shared understanding of reality, reconnect with what matters in life, and collaboratively realise creative solutions that can shape a more desirable future. It is an ecology of practices animated by the desire to bring people together through meaningful connections, meaningful moments, and meaningful contributions, all at the service of the beauty and creativity of life, such that everyone can feel a part of something greater than themselves and has a deeper sense of meaning.

Ripplty has been emerging from these initial conclusions that necessitated extensive discussions and reading, leaping into dark forests, embracing uncertainty, venturing into the wilderness, engaging in spirited debates, questioning everything, experiencing setbacks, starting anew, persevering in our search, and recognizing that we were embarked on a timeless journey.

We – Matt, Neal, and Jeremy – willingly responded to this calling and will continue to do so indefinitely, driven by an unwavering and compelling inner desire to make the world a more creative and beautiful place.

But people have been asking these questions for thousands of years. If they could be answered, surely they could be answered by now?

On the contrary, if men have been asking these questions for thousands of years it proves that they can’t help but asking them and have to go on asking them.

The Razor’s Edge, W. Somerset Maugham

Matt Gwyther


I’m Matt, a Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher and Operations Strategy expert. I delve into consciousness, the self, and AI, aiming to revolutionise our understanding of the world.

My biggest accomplishment is leading an interdisciplinary project on dreams and self-perception with AI and VR.

Neal Taylor


I’m Neal, a technology strategist and coach driven by finding meaning in uncertainty.

My proudest achievements include setting a national swimming record, teaching my daughter to swim, publishing an app, building a community, and co-founding Ripplty.

Jeremy Vey


I’m Jeremy, a expert in graphic design, UX/UI design, and service design. I believe that creativity can reshape our world, fostering well-being, a better human civilisation, and care for nature.

I’m currently strategically shaping user experiences at Redgate, all while pursuing my artistic endeavours.