Writing Values

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As we continued talking long into the night, we began to reflect on the process of how we wrote the values and ultimately what they meant for us.

Whilst we were still following an urge, it became clear that the values were the shared combination of what we, as a trio, felt was important (value) and therefore what became relvant to us three (not just individually). This was particularly important since we need something to help us navigate the unknown circumstances that we would encounter before us.

It would be easier to do nothing and the chances are great that many endevours amount to nothing. Of all the millions of potential outcomes, only a few are optimal. How would ensure that we can continue? How would we ensure that we’re paying attention to the most interesting things that we encounter. And how would we make sure that once we had encountered something interesting, that we would respond in a way that is constructive, positive and beneficial towards our vision?

The answer for us lay in the writing of the values. Writing the values brought our urges from the visceral into the domain of the known and agreed. They also needed to be aspirational, exciting and memorable. They needed to discount the things we won’t be doing. They needed to be coherent so that when we step back, we can see a constellation of aspirations that are all linked – and neatly linked up together.

As we continued thinking about these ideas, we also became aware that this is a sort of natural process that we believe is wanted by nature, if we just allow it to happen. With the increasing complexity that manifests in the universe, humans are often believed to have been chosen to continue this process of continued complexification – a process that takes place in the sweet spot between order and chaos, and our values needed to allow us to let this happen by taking us to that magical place.

It seemed that as we went on this journey, we were, by default, bringing complexity, beauty intricacy into being. But perhaps in a way that we didn’t yet realise. Not necessarily in the immediate physical art form of a creative output, but something more spiritual or perhaps even in a different realm. Almost as if the trail we took would leave a trace, itself a creative output, glistening and novel, as if seen across space and time, perceived and appreciated from the fourth dimension.