Values for the seekers and builders of a new, creative and beautiful world

1. Consciously connecting with others to increase our potential for good

Connection, bond, humanhood, family, friendship, tribe… We are social animals, alone we cannot survive. It is by the coming of together that we can thrive and have a greater chance to make a positive impact in this world.

2. Haphazardly disrupting paradigms in order to break through them

Knowledge, ideologies and theories are ever-evolving. What we thought we knew yesterday reveals to be incomplete or false in the face of new evidences tomorrow, so let’s keep searching for the truth without settling for any.

3. Gloriously provoking ideas in a safe and creative space

Provocation is how the creative spark is made. By shaking our rigid mind, like noise or a disturbance, the world suddenly opens up, the valve expands, everything in and out flows, new connections are made, and what is relevant is now realised.

4. Coincidentally experimenting to explore and create new possibles

An experiment is a way to navigate the complex, the unknown, the chaotic. We can’t know all the relevant operations we need to realise to escape the game, but we can explore, uncover what is interesting and new, and with luck we might get out.

5. Absurdly playing with serious ideas for a purpose

Never ever be attached to an idea, neither it has a value per-say, it is just an idea that only asks to be kept alive. But you should seriously play with it, imagine different situations and context, transcend it all and see through the absurd illusions.

6. Intentionally lifting one-an-other through the moments we create

Life is a human adventure, and our short time on Earth feels fuller when we share up-lifting moments with people. Turn-up, listen, observe, participate, pay attention… we all are threads enmeshed into the creative fabric of the distributed cognition of life.

7. Collectively transcending to strive for a more desirable future

We interpret reality and create mental models for our minds to be able to grasp some of it. but reality is more real, more complex and more beautiful than these models that forms our mindsets. Let the illusions go, profoundly, madly go, tune in and dance with what’s more real!