The Retreat (Video)

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I’m happy to share a recent project, ‘The Retreat’, a 3-minute AI-generated short film. But more than the final piece, I wanted to share the story behind its creation and what it means for the intersection of art, AI, and human experiences like meditation.

???? Time & Cost Efficiency: My brother Rhys and I spent just two afternoons collaboratively working on this project, followed by about a day of editing. The entire project cost under £30, with most expenses covered by existing subscriptions. To think that creating something like this traditionally would have cost a fortune!

???? Leveraging AI: We leaned into the capabilities of AI to explore abstract, subjective states like meditation. I feel this is where the tech is best suited at the moment and will allow us to open up into otherwise untapped spaces.

???? The Creation Process: Our journey began with storyboarding in MIRO. Rhys penned the script, and together, we generated a selection of AI images for each scene. I then used Runway ML’s Gen-2 tool to bring these images to life in video format. We chose a voice from for narration and incorporated free sound samples. All editing was done in Runway.

Watch ‘The Retreat’ here:

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the implications of AI in art and its potential to redefine how we express and explore human emotions and states. Let’s discuss!