What guides our mindsets around here

Ask the
Hard Question

Seek the deep why and believe it is more about the questions than the answers, often the clues lay beyond the obvious and the common sense.

Maintain the
Circle of Safety

Make the people feel safe enough to welcome challenging questions, paradigm disruptions, and provocations of the mind, all in a constructive way.

Relax the

We know how much our minds can get rigid with our mental models, so relax these boundaries for you to be able to see, think, and act outside the box.

it New

Create not to last but to explore, don’t be afraid to erase and restart from scratch, because redoing it again and again is how you improve your craft.

Turn the
Heck Up

You need others and others need you, if we want to achieve paradigm shifts we need to give hands, support, and collaborate with each-others.

Go f*ck
your ‘self’

Keep your ego in check and avoid taking your’self’ too seriously by letting go off your base desires and letting come the surrounding absurdity of life.