Matt Gwyther


Matt is a Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher and Operations Strategy expert. He lectures, produces academic research, thought pieces and creative exhibitions on consciousness, the self, and AI, with a particular interest in meditation, psychedelics and dreams.

He began his journey studying Management & Strategy before entering the educational publishing industry to work on change projects and training programmes for scaling the use of digital platforms and tools to produce educational content. His work has since evolved, with a focus on automation and artificial intelligence projects.

Wearing his Cognitive Neuroscience hat, Matt delves into the complex representations of self-awareness and the various modalities that can alter our consciousness. His passion lies at the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy and artificial intelligence, where he fervently believes in AI’s potential to revolutionize the way we work, interact, and understand the world. His vision extends to a future where we harmoniously combine traditional and cutting-edge technologies to explore our minds, foster connections, and facilitate learning.

His biggest accomplishment to date has been to lead an interdisciplinary research project on dreams and self-perception. This unique project unified the research community, illustrators, and technologists to develop pioneering research and creative exhibitions, utilizing AI and VR to bring the project to life.

Matt currently resides in Cambridge, contributing his expertise to Cambridge University Press & Assessment, as well as Anglia Ruskin University. In his leisure time, he delves into exploring the enigmatic world of lucid dreaming, hypnagogia, and meditation.