Jeremy Vey


Jeremy is a full-stack designer with expertise in graphic design, UX and UI design, and service design. He believes that design and creativity, as a mindset and a discipline, can help reinvent new ways to perceive, interact, and live with the world around us so that it can generate more desirable conditions for the well-being of individuals, the antifragile development of a better human civilization, and the care for nature of which we are a part.

He began his design journey working in a small communication studio in France. He now dreams of using the skills and knowledge he has accumulated over 20 years of working for various clients and companies across many design fields to challenge the current state of affairs. He questions the way our world is designed and the behaviours such design produces in order to support a culture of creativity, trusting it can ingeniously help in solving the complex problems we are facing today with the metacrisis.

His biggest accomplishment to date has been mentoring people to grow their design practices and understanding of the creative process.

Currently, Jeremy lives in Cambridge (UK) and works at Redgate. There, he strategically informs on the user experience for the design of complex database software. In his spare time, he creates artworks and produces music when he is not working on the Ripplty project.