AI Revolution Conference Notes

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???? Legal Landscape for Gen-AI (images):

  • UK ????????: Non-commercial research allowed. Tech data scraping IP review ongoing.
  • Getty vs. Stability AI: Getty logo issue in output images.
  • UK’s CDPA s9.3: Computer-generated work rights. Challenges defining ‘originality’ in AI.
  • EU’s Draft AI Act ????????:
    • Banned AI (e.g. instant face recognition ????)
    • Registered AI ✅
    • Transparency in AI training data ????

???? National Gallery X: 

  • Some big players in image industry embracing change! 
  • Innovations like performances guided by viewer heartbeats! ❤️????

???? Keywording Industry:

  • Humans vs. AI: argument that humans add value AI can’t, but I’m not sure > Is it just a matter of training and time? ???? vs. ????
  • AI’s challenge: Tackling the ‘Hard problem’ in creativity.

???? Getty Images & AI:

  • Their stance: We’re on top of this and trying to build ‘safer AI’ ???? > PR exercise!
  • Their Gen-AI models: Copyright-compliant & creator-friendly. BRIA’s on board too! ????> some interesting experiments with micro-payments but technical details not forthcoming

???? AI Image Stats:

  • 79% brands: Using Gen AI in 4 years.
  • 53%: AI for unique brand images, 17% for ideation & fun ????
  • 87%: AI images should be labeled (short-term sense, but long-term? ????)
  • 71% Gen Z & millennials: Excited about AI in art ???? (Older gens? Not so much.)