A Meaningful Getogether

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We had a meaningful Ripplty catch on Saturday!

We began by checking in and seeing how we each are. I then recounted a significant dream I had just a few nights earlier: that I was rock-climbing up a cliff next to the ocean. The tide was still low and I could see the reef inches underneath the surface of the water. I decided to wait until high tide and till my friends arrived before climbing up the cliff. Soon enough, the tide rose bringing deep water and my friends arrived, so we started climbing up the cliff together and even found ropes to aid our ascent!

The symbology was quite evident to me and it was good to be meeting up again in person.

As it happened we talked about the next steps of Ripplty. Matt shared some interesting conversations he had had with some local businesses with similar intentions and I talked about how we could formalise our endeavours. After that, Jeremy ran us through the work he had done on creating frameworks and diagrams which illustrated some of the most interesting insights he had learned from Vervaeke’s ‘Awakening from the Meaning Crisis’; insights that offered great potential and elegance to the mission of Ripplty. We looked again at our missing statement and values and found it almost incredible that we had managed to come to similar intention as Vervaeke – albeit through complete haphazardly guesswork and intuitively discarding all concepts and ideas which we came across that didn’t interest us or didn’t feel right.

More coming soon!